Accounting software ORIS-ACCOUNTING

  • Chapter 1: Creating a new organization
  • Chapter 2 Preparation of chart of accounts
  • Chapter 3: Presentation of initial balance
  • Chapter 4: Operational and analytical periods
  • Chapter 5. Accounting (financial and commercial) clearance
  • Chapter 6. Accounting clearance based on the appropriate documents
  • Chapter 7. Currency clearance
  • Chapter 8: Monitoring and analysis tools – checking of accounts (balances, turnovers, cards, types), trial balance, profit and loss, memorial orders, chess invoice, workflow, cash flow, consolidation.
  • Chapter 9 Primary documentation.
  • Chapter 10. Registration of fixed assets and depreciation – registration of starting balances for fixed assets, receipt of fixed assets, depreciation, fixed assets, valuation of property, division of property, merging of fixed assets, change of the responsible person / department, the transfer of fixed assets to the trade list and on the opposite- the transfer of assets there, printing out of the list of fixed assets.
  • Chapter 11. Salaries – preparation of a list of personnel, assignment of calculation fields, payroll, formula calculation, payroll, printing payroll, changes in the calculation formula, registration of payment of wages.
  • Chapter 12. Currency and exchange rate differences
  • Chapter 13. Agricultural operations – execution and installation
  • Chapter 14. Communication with EXCEL
  • Chapter 15. Transfer of the software from one to another computer

The course lasts one month and includes 2 meetings per week. The course fee is 125 GEL.