Legal services

Our lawyer with many years of experience will provide you with legal services (for legal entities and individuals) and verbal advice on criminal, civil, administrative cases, in particular:


Providing legal advice and clarifications;

 Preparation of draft contracts, agreements and other transactions;

 Preparation of draft letters and statements;

 Preparation of draft orders, regulations and other similar documents;

Support in the process of obtaining the relevant licenses and permits required for the activities of the company and individuals;

Registration of real estate and other rights;

position in the state register, register of entrepreneurs and other bodies;

Ensuring representation in all instances in court, mediation and arbitration;

 Obtaining preliminary information, documentation on privatization objects in the process of privatization of state property, their analysis and preparation of relevant legal opinions and recommendations;

Advice on residence and citizenship issues;

Change of the head of the company and constituent documentation;

And many more.