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Account LLC - Accounting Center is a consulting and training company that focuses on the training of accountants. Its main purpose is to train highly qualified personnel in accordance with international standards of accounting and financial reporting and with the requirements of the tax legislation of Georgia for beginner as well as for chief accountants. The Center's mission is to produce graduates who will possess appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical skills, professional and human values and who will be always keen to improve their skills and apply that knowledge in practice.

Accounting and reporting

The study and practice of RS.GE

Program for practicing accounting


Accounting service packages

Chief Accountant



The package is a basic distance learning accounting course. After going through it, you will be able to properly manage your entrepreneurial activities, your business. The package includes:
  • Auditor and Chief Accountant;
  • A complete package of accounting services (processing and registration of primary accounting documents in the electronic accounting software);
  • Contracts and monitoring for the purposes of the Tax Code;
  • Preparation of tax returns and forms and their submission to the tax authorities;
  • Tax.




The package is a basic remote accounting course that allows you to get accounting services and expert advice. In the case of a startup activities and/or beginner accountants it is necessary to have a mentor who will ensure monitoring and quality service. The package includes:
  • Chief Accountant;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns and forms to the Revenue Service based on the documentation of respective company;
  • Contracts;
  • Monitoring;
  • Consultations;
  • Tax calendar.




The package is a basic course distance learning accounting course that will allow you to properly execute tax returns. The package includes:
  • Chief Accountant;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns and forms to the Revenue Service;
  • Tax calendar;
  • Consultations;




The package is a remote accounting course that will allow you to submit declarations. It happens often when, for various reasons, taxpayers cannot submit the declaration. The package price includes:
  • Chief Accountant;
  • Submission of declarations based on declarations (monthly and annual) processed by the taxpayer.

Legal services

Our lawyer with many years of experience will provide you with legal services (for legal entities and individuals) and verbal advice on criminal, civil, administrative cases.

in particular

- Providing legal advice and clarifications;
- Preparation of draft contracts, agreements and other transactions;
- Preparation of draft letters and statements;
- Preparation of draft orders, regulations and other similar documents;
- Support in the process of obtaining the relevant licenses and permits required for the activities of the company and individuals;
- Registration of real estate and other rights; position in the state register, register of entrepreneurs and other bodies;
- Ensuring representation in all instances in court, mediation and arbitration;
- Obtaining preliminary information, documentation on privatization objects in the process of privatization of state property, their analysis and preparation of relevant legal opinions and recommendations;
- Advice on residence and citizenship issues;
- Change of the head of the company and constituent documentation;
- And many more.


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